This session was just as fun as it looked! I spent the evening with Dan and Anna Claire at Shelley Lake Park in Raleigh, North Carolina and outside of some less than friendly geese and humidity it was a dream session! I am so glad we picked this location, it was absolutely gorgeous and tucked beautifully away from the hustle and bustle of Raleigh life. This was a session filled with a LOT of walking, but also so much laughter and happiness!

Anna Claire grew up in small down Mississippi and came to North Carolina to continue her education. She and Dan met and got to know each other while volunteering together at their church’s youth ministry. What began as a wonderful friendship became and even more beautiful love story between them. We chose this location having no idea how long the path around the lake was (sorry guys!!), but for the beautiful views and backgrounds available. It was super warm out and more than a little sticky (thank you NC summer time weather), but these two jumped right in and were so willing to come along on the journey to get these images just right. I am so thrilled with how their images turned out, these two have such joyful spirits and I really think that comes out beautifully in their engagement photos.

I just love these two! I love their genuine happiness to be together, and the way they are quick to laugh and lift each other up. It is such an honor to get to be the one who gets to capture such a beautiful and meaningful season in their lives! Enjoy their engagement pictures, I know they will remain some of my favorites!!