Have you ever had something go so sideways from what you planned and have it turn out amazing anyway? That is what happened with this session haha. I check the weather like a maniac any time I have a session coming up, I can work in cloud cover just fine, but most people don’t like to get rained on when they are in their nice clothes with hair and makeup done. I checked the week before, 3 days before, and the morning off and everywhere I looked had partly cloudy with minimal chances of rain. My assistant and I pulled up to our location for the session and the clouds were looking a little iffy, so we checked again…..and it looked like it was going to rain right after we finished up. Well wouldn’t you know it the bottom fell out right as they changed into their second outfits.

No one would have blamed Kristy and Thomas for rescheduling to do their second outfits on another day with better weather, but Kristy said lets go ahead and get some rain pictures. She immediately won a spot in my heart right in that moment as a top 5 most amazing bride to be. I LOVE rainy pictures, and I could not be more in love with how Kristy and Thomas rocked this engagement session in the rain.

These two were incredibly fun to be around from the get go, but their go with the flow attitudes and playfulness together was a photographers dream! When I asked towards the end of their session if they’d brought anything they wanted included or if they had any special poses they wanted they let me know they brought a case of their favorite beer and would like a few fun shots including it . I love when my couples bring something personal to the, but this was so much more fun than I could have anticipated.

We got some gorgeous shots of their engagement, took some of my all time favorite rain pictures, and then got a few shots of them enjoying a much deserved cold one to top off one of my all time favorite sessions! To say that I am over the moon excited to photograph their wedding next October would be the understatement of the century!